MTGO Software Solutions, LLC provides custom Magic: the Gathering Online utilities and programs that allow our customers to turn their passion for Magic Online into a profitable business. We designed the easiest to use and fastest automated trading bot offered on MTGO V3 in January of 2013 – JayBot V3. While at the time JayBot was the best bot available, we had only scratched the surface of what was possible for our software. So when we laid out the design specifications for JayBot on MTGO V4 we decided to start from scratch.

That decision led to 18 months of programming, designing and reprogramming before we launched JayBot V4 in July of 2014. Since that release we have also designed and released JayStocker (automated inventory management system) and focused on refining JayBot to improve stability and implemented new features.

JayBot currently runs approximately  25% of all bots on Magic: the Gathering Online and we have several projects in the works that will increase that market share.

If you are interested in opening a MTGO bot business or moving from your current software provider please email us.

If you are looking for custom written software, the team at MTGO Software Solutions, LLC has not only the coding experience required, but also the understanding of the MTGO marketplace required to bring your vision to reality. Please email us and we would be happy to give you a free consult on your project.

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