About Us

Our Mission

MTGO Software Solutions, LLC was started to provide a usable and safe Magic: the Gathering Online trading bot. The other bot companies that exist have a bad reputation. So we combined our love of business and Magic: the Gathering Online into a passion and push to create a better trading experience both for the bot owners and their customers.

Our Team

Timothy Jay

Timothy JayTimothy Jay has been playing Magic: The Gathering since Revised. He recently moved to Minnesota after spending almost three years in Morioka, Japan with his wife who was teaching English. When not coding Jaybot, he plays video games, works on his Lego collection and streams on Twitch.

Within 6 months of starting Magic Online bot coding, he had produced the fastest bot on MTGO V3.

He is the Technical Lead and a partner at MTGO Software Solutions . His current project is improving and expanding JayBot V4 functionality for our users.





Casey Stewart

Casey Stewart started Magic: the Gathering the night Guildpact. He was immediately engrossed,  that night playing over 12 hours straight in two Stasis locked games. He attended Pro Tour Kyoto, lost horribly, and has off and on moneyed Grand Prixs and T8ed PTQs ever since. He spent almost a year double queing MTGO tournaments, and eventually started trading on MTGO. Not long after that he started the bot chain The Card Nexus.

Casey is attending Stephen F Austin State University as a Business Economics major, and uses what he has learned in the business operations of MTGO Software Solutions as well as The Card Nexus

He is the head of logistics, support, and testing at MTGO Software Solutions as well as a partner in the company.