Listed below are a few of our clients. Trade with them, enjoy our software, and find great prices on the cards you need.


Card Ally Logo V.1

Card Ally is a full provider of all Standard legal Magic: the Gathering Online cards. Search “CardAlly” in classifieds to see all their bots. The chain is owned by Casey Stewart partner at


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The Card Nexus is a well stocked bot chain with over five years running. This is Casey’s flagship chain with three sell bots, and six buy bots.

ShieldLogo is the newest JayBot runner, but he has quickly grown to being one of the largest bot chains on MTGO. Go to his website to see his buy and sell prices, as well as his inventory. He carries foil and nonfoil for every format in Magic on his bots.


JudgeBot is a fully stocked Standard bot chain with three sell bots and eight buy bots owned by Stefan, level 3 Magic judge based in Austria.


Search “Benbot” in classifieds to see Ben’s huge bot chain of over fiteen different bots. Whether you want to buy or sell foils, or nonfoils he has you covered with good inventory and even better prices.


With over four years experience carrying every magic card and booster in client, you can count on Blue Dragon to deliver quality service and prices to match. Also part of the long running Clan Yawgmoth the owner is very active in Player Run Events on MTGO. Search “BlueDragon” in classifieds to find all the bots including a dedicated FoilBot with over ten thousand foils in stock.


Ben Matthaei has been running the RockChalkWatcher bot chain for over three years now and been a JayBot user for a year. His bots carry a wide range of cards and are always buying standard legal foils at competitive rates. Search RockChalkWatcher in classifieds to see a full listing of his bots. Also, if you play paper magic or collect comic books he has a excellent eBay store located HERE. With 8000+ feedback on eBay and years experience Ben knows how to take care of his customers, both online and off.


The Midnight_MTGO bot chain has been on MTGO for almost a year, and the owner Coby wrote a series of blog posts for us early in 2014 detailing his experiences running our software. His bots are fully stocked with everything in standard as well as booster packs.


DrakeBots is one of the premier booster bot chains on MTGO. DrakeBots always carries standard legal boosters at competitive prices.